Thursday, June 1, 2023

Repairing or Replacing a Garbage Disposal.

Is your Columbus area kitchen ready for a hard-working summer? Summertime is a period where a lot of people may be tracking through your kitchen and using that hard-working appliance in your home’s sink. Brent of Staats Plumbing of Columbus knows when to repair and when to replace your garbage disposal.

Brett may recommend replacement if -

1. It is making loud noises.

2. Clogs that just keep piling up.

3. Persistent odors.

4. It keeps leaking onto your kitchen floor.

Brent owns Staats Plumbing of Columbus, Ohio. He, and his team, have years of training in repairing or replacing your garbage disposal. Don’t go into summer with a faulty food disposal system. Call Staats Plumbing to fix your problem before your kitchen gets busier. The phone number is (740) 625-5284. For more information, visit on the web.

Monday, May 15, 2023

What Happens When a Sump Pump Fails?

How about a disaster in your Columbus area home. A sump pump is not like a washer or dryer. When it goes out really bad things may ensue. The problem is, you can’t wait until it actually goes out to fix or replace it…you have to catch it BEFORE it happens! That is what Brent of Staats Plumbing of Columbus is here for.

Here are some signs of a failing sump pump -

1. You will hear the noise coming from worn out parts.

2. You have not heard it run for a long time.

3. It keeps running long after it should have stopped.

4. This one is easy…how old is it?

After the fact is too late! With spring comes a need for a hard-working, efficient sump pump in your home. If you live in the Columbus area, call Brent and his team at Staats Plumbing. They have been serving the plumbing needs of Columbus residents since back in the last century. Just call (740) 625-5284. All of their services may be found at

Monday, May 1, 2023

What is a Backflow Preventer?

To understand what a backflow preventer is…it is an appliance which is installed by a professional to your main water supply pipes to keep water continuously moving in one direction, (and one only) which helps prevent contaminants from back flowing into your clean water supply. Staats Plumbing tests Columbus area backflow systems annually.

It depends on your home’s location and on the specific regulations where you live whether you need a backflow preventer or not. You may be required to have a backflow preventer installed on your water line to protect yourself, as well as your neighborhood in the Columbus area, from the risk of water contamination.

Here is the bottom line - if you have a backflow preventer (or need one) on your Columbus property the right person to test it once a year is Brent of Staats Plumbing. He has literally decades of experience in testing for backflow. Just give him a call to come out. The phone number is (740) 625-5284. Brent does so much more. See for yourself at