Monday, May 16, 2022

Why Must Backflow be Tested Once Per Year.

Let’s work back to front. When you want to have your backflow system tested and get your annual certification, call Brent at Staats Plumbing first. He has spent this entire century testing backflow on the devices around the Columbus, Ohio area. When it’s your time, you can do NO better than Staats Plumbing of Columbus.

Now, here is the reason why it must be tested every year. Your drinking water enters your property directly from its underground source through pressurized pipes which allows the water to flow in ONLY one direction…that is up and into your building. A cross connection ensures that potable water and non-potable water are always kept separate.

It just makes sense. Once Brent gives you that annual certification you have peace of mind well into 2023. Call Brent, the owner of Staats Plumbing of Columbus to get your certificate, or have some work done, if necessary. That phone number is (740) 625-5284. The place to look on the internet is

Monday, May 2, 2022

The Good Old Garbage Disposal.

In most Columbus Ohio homes, your garbage disposal is one of the most used (and relied on) appliances in the house. When it goes bad and needs to be repaired or replaced, you probably want it done immediately. That is why Brent at Staats Plumbing in Columbus is a garbage disposal expert serving the surrounding area.


There are many signs of a failing garbage disposal. Here are some of them –

1.  There are noises you have never heard.

2.  You seem to be constantly resetting it.

3.  Clogs occur more often than they used to.

4.  Foul smells are coming from the area.

When you suspect that your garbage disposal is going bad, call Brent right away at (740) 625-5284. He, or one of his teammates representing Staats Plumbing of Columbus, will come to YOUR kitchen. Just in case, every Staats Plumbing service truck has new In-Sink-Erator garbage disposals on board. See the whole story at 

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Call a Plumber When you Need a Gas Line Hook Up.

At Staats Plumbing of Columbus we understand why it is that when most people think of plumbers, they often think of people who fix sinks, toilets, and other water- and sewage-related systems. That is fine, Brent and his team do all of that work, in addition to annually checking your backflow system.

Here are some reasons why you think of Staats Plumbing when you need a gas line hook up –

1.  First and foremost…safety!

2.  The law may actually require it.

3.  You should seek out an expert in appliance knowledge.

4.  Brett knows his way around piping.

The answer to hooking up pipes in and around the capitol city is always Staats Plumbing of Columbus. They are gas line hook up professionals. Before you tackle a dangerous and difficult task like gas line hook ups in Columbus, Ohio, call Brent of Staats Plumbing at (740) 625-5284. See all of their work at

Thursday, April 7, 2022

A Garbage Disposal Gone Bad.

It may seem like a small thing in the grand scheme of things, but your entire kitchen routine is disrupted when the garbage disposal in your Columbus, Ohio home won’t turn on. Brent, of Staats Plumbing is standing by to fix or replace that old garbage disposal.

Here are some signs of a failing disposal –

1.  It just won’t turn on when you hit the switch.

2.  Maybe the switch is bad.

3.  You hear it humming, but it’s not operating.

4.  It actually won’t turn off.

When you feel that your home’s garbage disposal is not operating as it used to, call Brent! Brent Staats, the owner of Staats Plumbing, handles your plumbing needs in the Columbus area. He also certifies your backflow for the year. When a plumber is needed, Staats Plumbing is the answer. Call (740) 625-5284. For the full story, visit

Monday, March 14, 2022

These Suckers are Heavy!

Replacing a toilet is a major project. When choosing a new bowl, you must ask the dealer whether existing plumbing will have to be modified, which is a job for a licensed plumber. A plumber such as Brent Staats, the owner of Staats Plumbing of Columbus, Ohio is the right man for the job.

Brent will need to –

1. Remove the existing toilet which is a multi-faceted task.

2. The new bowl is lifted into position.

3. He will tighten it with new bolts.

4. When the new toilet is finally installed, he will flush it to check for leaks.

Now, you COULD go to the internet and follow all of the steps…or you could have your toilet installed professionally by Brent Staats of Staats Plumbing. Brent has been installing toilets in the Columbus area for decades. Let’s see what he does by visiting Call Brent at (740) 625-5284.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Did You Detach Your Garden Hose?

It’s late winter and you may have dodged a bullet up to this point. During the long, cold winter in the Columbus, Ohio area you may have left one or more garden hoses attached to their spigot, maybe without even thinking. Now you need a professional to replace them. That pro is Brent Staats of Staats Plumbing of Columbus.

These are some of the parts of an outdoor faucet –

1.  The valve seat

2.  The washer

3.  The Bonnet hut

4.  The Bonnet packing

If you don’t want to be out in the cold replacing an outdoor faucet this time of year, then call Columbus plumber Brent Staats, the owner of Staats Plumbing. He has replaced faucets hundreds of times. Just call the office of Staats Plumbing at (740) 625-5284. Look ‘em up by visiting

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Water Heaters are NOT Indestructible!

You may be ignoring one of the hardest working appliances in your Columbus area home, and now it might be time to pay attention. It is that efficient, hard-working water heater that is usually in your garage…out of sight, out of mind? Staats Plumbing of Columbus merely wants to ask this question…how old is your current water heater?

Some signs of impending failure are –

1.  Strange sounds are coming from it.

2.  There is leaking beneath the tank.

3.  There is a foul smell emanating.

4.  The water simply is not as hot as it once was.

There are other tell-tale signs of a failing water heater as well. This is just one of the many plumbing necessities that Staats Plumbing of Columbus Ohio can help you with. When you suspect that your water heater is about to “give up the ghost” call Brent at Staats Plumbing who will come out and inspect it. Just call (740) 625-5284. Look them up at